ABOUT AVisionSystems Pvt Ltd

AVision Systems Pvt Ltd. Designs, manufactures and delivers innovative, cost-effective, unmanned aerial loitering munition systems for customers worldwide. These lethal solutions meet the requirements of today’s new battlefield challenges for combat operations in complex, dynamic environments. The company’s solutions are tailored for unique flight qualities, advanced airborne guidance and navigation systems, precision attack munitions and C2 stations fully integrated with communication links.

Why We Are Market Leaders

Avision Systems is an endeavor with the purpose to deliver indigenous and innovative solutions customized for the unique Indian Tactical and Operational Requirements. Theater Level Loitering Munitions made available for use by Air, Land and Naval Forces .

A unique cruciform configuration enables high maneuverability that maintains eyes-on target and accurate hitting capabilities in constrained battle scenarios- ideal for the battlefield of the future.

Team Of Experts

Our team constantly strives to deliver superior equipment & ensure you get the best services

Col Anil Yadav (Retd) Chief Executive Officer

Col Anil Yadav is the founder CEO of AVision. He has 26 years of experience with the Indian Army during which he has held various operational and instructional positions across the spectrum of operations undertaken by the Indian Army in India and across the world. He has been involved in counter-insurgency operations in the territory of Jammu & Kashmir for most of his operational service in the Indian Army, while also having been deputed to the Botswana Defence Force as an Advisor. Apart from his operational duties, Col Yadav has also held instructional positions at the Army Air Defence College and the Indian Military Academy. He has also served at the Indian Army Headquarters as a staff officer. Col Yadav comes with a vast experience in procurement, maintenance and management of military equipment in the Indian Defence Forces. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Sciences from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and Masters Degree in Military Affairs from The Chennai University. 

Kunapareddi Deepthi Sri Director


Ms Deepthi Sri brings to the AVision Board a flavour of youth with its incumbent treasure of new ideas and innovative thinking. Deepthi comes from Hyderabad where she has been a Production Engineer at Aditya Precitech and the force behind researching and updating all the materials for the firm and its partners. Deepthi has attended and completed her Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering form The GITAM University, Hyderabad. She has also been awarded a Masters Degree in Management (Global) by De Montfort University – Leicester, United Kingdom.