Palm-15 equips the dismounted soldier with a wearable, rugged, immediate and autonomoushovering loitering munition. Palm-15 provides small tactical units (squad level and below) with a hovering, loitering precision-strikeUAS for use against beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) targets from both static and mobile positions.Providing a significant aerial advantage, the Palm-15’s hovering capability enables aerial observation oftargets in complex urban […]

Indian Army’s Lethal Weapon: PALM 400

It is called the PALM 400 — acronym for ‘precision attack loitering munition’ — and is designed to fly over armoured vehicle concentrations, or areas where they are expected. When the armoured vehicles arrive in this ‘kill zone’, each PALM 400 picks out its target and fires an armour-penetrating projectile, penetrating it from the top […]

The lack of armed drones has dogged the Indian army for a long time. The launch of next generation attack drones — PALM-400 for the Indian army will provide the most lethal firepower. courtesy: Financial Express